-ural, and Behavioral & Services to ensure better management of facility. Focusing on this, Saksham Facility Services ensures the customized management of any facility.

Complete Scope of services – Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Horticulture, and Guest House Management.

Guarding Proposal

In respect of our guarding services, Saksham Facility Services provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and motivated guards who are responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property, against losses due to thefts, pilferage, intrusions and fire.

Today, Saksham Facility Services strength lies in its ability to provide total and customized security solutions that are practical and cost - effective.

We relieve client from the tedium of managing security issues, so that their resources and investments can be channeled, maximizing business productivity and profits, in the core areas of their competence.

By, putting professionalism, reliability, and integrity as its service beacon; Saksham Facility Services has gained recognition as the leader in guarding and loss prevention services.

All our security personnel are honest, loyal with high levels of integrity. They are thoroughly trained in the procedures of Fire Protection, Fire prevention, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Vigilance and Prevention. They are basically calm and polite, but firm at all times and possess a sound physique, hearing and sight.


Guarding services are carried out by way of static posts and mobile / beat patrols for all types of premises. Saksham Facility Services carry out following functions at individual premises: -

We believe that the success of a Guarding Division can be attributed to the way in which we approach this business. Our philosophy is that, all guards are direct employees of Saksham Facility Services. They are carefully selected, thoroughly vetted and properly trained. Saksham Facility Services guards are smartly uniformed, with all accessories.

Saksham Facility Services firmly believes that the three main criteria in providing quality guarding services are SELECTION, TRAINING, AND SUPERVISION.

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